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ARTISTRY Balancing Matte Day Lotion SPF 30

ARTISTRY Balancing Matte Day Lotion SPF 30

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Give your skin some major love and protection with a proper sunscreen!🛡️☀️ With Singapore’s sunny weather, SPF is your BFF! 😎🌴 Discover the secrets of sunscreen selection and find your perfect match for sun protection. Let's dive in! ➡️ Sunscreen 101: Get the Facts on Skin Protection With Artistry Matte out shine, max out moisture. This lightweight lotion with SPF 30 is quickly absorbed, leaving a soft matte look that’s healthy, balanced and shine-free with 24-hour hydration. Even oily skin needs to stay hydrated. Supercharge your skin’s moisture levels and protect it from the sun. A blend of Nutrilite-grown Acerola Cherry plus Australian Daisy and Blackberry, the phyto-powered Prevent Complex boosts the skin’s natural defense system by 350% (in vitro testing), helping to prevent and delay the appearance of early visible signs of ageing. Meadowsweet helps keep oily skin in balance. Broad spectrum SPF 30 protects against sun damage from UVA and UVB rays, while Carnosine is clinically proven to help prevent visible damage from blue light and infrared light. In addition, Nutrilite-grown Pomegranate rich in antioxidants helps protect skin from the damaging effects of six major types of pollution. SKIN NUTRITION sunscreen products are formulated without oxybenzone and octinoxate, which have shown some evidence of being harmful to coral reef ecosystems. ARTISTRY CLEAN Following the ARTISTRY Clean guidelines,

ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION skincare has been formulated with no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfate-based surfactants and over 1,000 other ingredients that customers may be concerned about. Registered with The Vegan Society and free from animal-derived ingredients, the products are clean, safe and made with stringent manufacturing standards, making them better for our skin and our planet.

ADDRESSES 5 SKIN NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENTS PURIFY Keep skin clean, calm and free of skin-stressing irritants BALANCE Stabilise and nurture an optimal microbiom REBUILD Strengthen and repair skin’s support layer to increase resilience, elasticity and firmness MOISTURISE Saturate skin with lasting hydration PROTECT Fight environmental aggressors with SPF and antioxidants Proven Results In consumer testing: 95% agree it provides weightless hydration 89% say it helps control oil 88% think it leaves skin with a shine-free finish all day (8 hours) 89% say it helps minimise the appearance of pores 94% believe it helps prime skin for flawless makeup application 96% say it is fast absorbing

MORE INFORMATION HOW TO USE Smooth evenly in upward motions over face and neck. Use every morning after moisturising, reapplying when necessary. SKIN TYPES Oily, Normal to Oily. STORAGE Store in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect. QUANTITY 50 ml

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